Hi, my name is Gleb, on a photo I'm standing with my wife Christina, next to a sea front, where wind doesn't stop it's duty, never ever! It was a fantastic day, wedding of our family member where I was a photographer, so lucky enough I got a chance to stay on another side of the camera to have this beautiful photo.

I'm wedding photographer based in Peterborough. As a photographer I'm always in pursuit of an incredible and the most beautiful shot. Mostly i shoot in documentary style, but also love to take actions under control, asking couples to go out without guests, direct them with posing for fashion photography. Even though you might think you can't pose or do this type of photography, I'm sure i will make you feel very comfortable and confident in front of my camera! When I bought my first camera I didn't think that my photos could be liked by so many others, from friends and family to strangers through social media. From this my friend asked me to be a photographer at his wedding. At first this was terrifying for me as this is a big responsibility, but I quickly found my feet and the couple loved the final result. From there my passion for photography was born and in particular, Wedding Photography. I love being able to capture a whole spectre of true emotions on peoples faces, this is what I find makes the most beautiful picture.